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Protecting your automobile’s engine is of paramount importance if you want to preserve its life, and naturally if you ever plan on selling it to someone else later on. Adding the right motor oil levels is the hands-down the simplest way to invest in your vehicle’s future. Motor oil protects the engine by lubricating the various metal parts, cleaning engine debris, cooling it, rejuvenating it and safeguarding it by and large.

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Regarding your choice of motor oil, you no longer need to replace your oil in prep for the change in season. At present, modern oil has several viscosities. It moves best in the cold and thickens when temperatures rise so that it always flows at optimum levels.

For example: that 10W you just picked up in advance of the winter season can be used equally will flow precisely the same at -30 degrees Celsius the way it does at 100 degrees Celsius. Save your money and stay clear of brand name synthetic oils unless your vehicles engine sustains heavy and repeated abuse. If you choose a name brand synthetic, we can recommend an oil brand such as Pennzoil, Quaker State, Kendall, Valvoline, Royal Purple, Mobil, Castrol, Chevron, Havoline and Shell oils as best fitted for your engine type.

However, this should not keep you from carrying out a routine oil change as suggested by your vehicle’s maker.

When to replace my oil

Most cars should see their oil replaced every three thousand miles, plus or minus a few hundred. Most, but not all, modern cars can likely go upwards of four-thousand miles before an oil change is needed. However, if you do a lot of traveling, commuting or towing, you’ll need to keep a more regular schedule. The easiest way to remember when it’s time is to replace the motor oil is by adding 3,000 miles to the odometer and jotting that number down somewhere that is in plain sight of the driver. At Lou’s Edison Motors we can perform an oil change in minutes. Completing this task is essentially the most affordable and easiest way to maintain the dependability of your engine.

How to replace my oil

  • Begin by selecting the best oil and filter for your vehicle using one of your oil filter guidebooks available in most auto part retailers and car or truck part dealers.
  • When you arrive at your destination, park on a flat area.
  • Start up the car before beginning the process to be sure that the oil is warm and moves more easily.
  • Engage the emergency brake.
  • Locate the oil drain plug beneath the engine block near to the front of the vehicle and identified in your vehicle’s manufacturer handbook.
  • Put a shallow oil pan directly below the engine block.
  • Loosen up the plug by way of a wrench, turning counter-clockwise, allowing the plug to drop into the pan and the oil to drain (this should take less than 5 minutes).
  • Locate the plug in the oil tray and screw it back on to the engine block.
  • Discover the existing oil filter and reposition the oil pan underneath to, again, capture any oil
  • Use your hands or a wrench to remove the existing oil filter and allow it to drop into the oil pan.
  • Next, replace the old filter with the new.
  • Come out from underneath the car and add 4-5 quarts of oil where indicated using a funnel to keep fluids clear of other engine parts.
  • Start the motor and let it run for a couple of minutes.
  • Shut off the motor.
  • Check the oil fluid levels using the provided dipstick.
  • Clean-up spilt motor oil using towels or newspapers.
  • Properly recycle all used motor oil and motor oil filters.

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